Wednesday, September 21, 2016

West Palm Beach Water Damage - Classes of Water Damage

By David Libowitz

21 Sept. 2016

When it comes to water damage restoration, class of water is used to estimate how quickly moisture will evaporate from particular material types in a room that has been flooded. This is the first step in the restoration process that allows professionals to determine the class of damage and assess the best equipment needed to dry the structure and contents.

If your home in West Palm Beach has sustained water damage, SERVPRO has the expertise to assess the class of damage and restore your home to its' pre-flooded state. There are four distinct classes that range from slow evaporation through specialty drying situations. Here is a description of each.

Class One 

Materials in class one situations have a slow evaporation rates. The materials are generally porous and have a low permeance quality. This means that a very small amount of moisture has been absorbed. It may also indicate that a portion of a room has received damage, but not the entire area. Class one water damage features the lowest amount of damage to be addressed.

Class Two

This indicates a fast evaporation rate. The water has affected the entire area with cushions and carpets. Water may have soaked into the walls. Class two indicates that the water has not risen further than two feet. Damage is generally contained to lower segments of the structure.

Class Three 

Class three indicates the fastest evaporation rate. Water has likely entered the structure from the top down and has damaged the structure in its entirety. Ceilings walls, insulation, carpeting, and furniture has all sustained water damage.

Class Four 

Specialty Drying Situations 
This indicates that there are materials that have an extremely low porosity or permeance. It usually includes concrete, hardwood, plaster and crawlspaces involved. Drying can only be accomplished fully with the aid of low specific humidity. Professionals in water damage assessment and restoration use these classifications in the preparation to establish the best restoration plan with the appropriate technicians, equipment, and strategies.

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