Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How To Prevent Drywall Water Damage

By David Libowitz

As many water damage experts know, wet drywall is almost always a lost cause. This is because the material is plaster wrapped up in paper. In short, the material is not at all resistant to water. For this purpose, it is imperative that homeowners preclude their drywall from being exposed to water. Although drywall replacements are not too costly, the repair should be left to the professionals. You should take the time to learn how to prevent your drywall from being subjected to water damage. Here are several strategies that you can use to accomplish this objective:

Control Humidity
One great way to prevent drywall from being ruined is to control your humidity. This is immensely important given that excessive humidity can be just as debilitating as a flood. For this reason, make sure that you keep a dehumidifier running during periods when humidity is high. Also, be sure that you keep your air circulating efficiently. Finally, make sure that you pay attention to weather reports and have a vent fan installed in your bathroom.

Check Plumbing
Unfortunately, your plumbing pipes can be the source of excessive water condensation. This is especially the situation throughout the summer season. If your pipes start to sweat behind the drywall, the water vapor can increase, and your water can begin to pool. The result is substantive damage to the drywall nearby. Prevent this deterioration from taking place by having a plumber check your pipes to see if they can be wrapped to contain moisture.

Eliminate Flood Sources
Another great way to prevent drywall water damage is by eliminating flood sources. To do so, check that you have your gutters cleaned regularly and also be sure that your downspouts are routed far from the property.

Let SERVPRO'S Professionals Assist You Now
Drywall water damage is one of the most devastating occurrences that a residential property owner can encounter. However, utilizing the prevention tips outlined above can help you avoid this type of adverse experience. Also, note that the professionals of SERVPRO of West Palm Beach are pleased to provide you with efficient, expedient water damage services whenever you need them. In addition to offering 24/7 emergency services, our IICRC-certified crew provides each client with the detailed work necessary to get the property back in exceptional condition. Contact us now at (561) 795-5410


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